Naomi Peak

Elevation: 9,979
Location: Bear River Range, Utah

Rock steps along the trail to Naomi Peak Naomi Peak is a popular and easily accessed mountain in the Logan area. The trailhead is located at Tony Grove Lake, a branch to the left (west) of Highway 89 through Logan Canyon. The parking is likely to be crowded on weekends or holidays in summertime. A longer route exists up the peak from Smithfield Canyon closer to Logan.

I climbed this peak in July of 1998. I had planned to climb the peak on Friday, then spend the night in Logan and return the following day to hike to popular White Pine Lake (not to be confused with the equally popular lake of the same name in Little Cottonwood Canyon). As it turned out, we were too tired (and too lazy) to make the saturday hike to the lake. We left Salt Lake and arrived at the trailhead right about noon. It was already crowded with people here for the state's Pioneer Day holiday. From the lake it is only a climb of about three miles and 1,600 feet to reach the peak. Most of the beginning is gentle walking. At a split take the left fork (marked) to get to Naomi. Snow lingers on these peaks well into summer. The trail comes to a clearing where Naomi will be visible for the first time, and you might be disappointed with how little elevation you've gained to this point.

View from Naomi summit towards Logan From here keep folliwing the trail which gets to a saddle just north of the peak. When we did the climb in late July of '98 there were still a lot of snow patches up high. We bypassed the snow-covered trail in favor of walking pretty much directly up a steep slope of grass and rocks to the summit ridge. Once on the ridge the summit was easily attained. A second peak to the south is slightly lower. This was really the first peak Emily had ever "climbed", so I was happy for her. The views were good back down towards Logan far below. The peak felt very much like the lower Wasatch peaks of Davis and Weber county. It would not be too difficult to climb Naomi, and then walk the extra two miles at the junction to White Pine Lake, as that only climbs a few hundred feet.

We returned to Logan for the night, but abandoned the saturday hike to White Pine Lake for a variety of reasons (not wanting to drive the windy, long canyon road again being foremost). I fully intend to go back and hike to White Pine Lake probably in summer of 2001. Naomi is a good half-day hike, but if you're coming from far away, with a long drive it will be more of an all-day adventure.